Recipes we need to make sure we get.

N – KimTim healthy pancakes
N – veggie chili Nikki/Paige
N – veggie lasagna hodgepodge
N – brussel sprouts pasta from Kim
C – baked potato soup from pinterest
C – green tacos from brain
C – green enchiladas from Roxanne
C – chicken cacciatore from Roxanne
C – airport sandwiches from Roxanne
N – thanksgiving recipes from interweb
– apple pie
– pumpkin cheesecake
– mac n cheese
C – taco soup from pinterest
N – shrimp pasta from Kim
C – speedies from dads wedding
N- stuffed peppers from hodgepodge
C – mexican rice from Roxanne
C – Christmas noodles from roxanne
C – Chris Skinner grilled chicken
N – fajitas recipe from kim hall
C – honey chicken recipe from tom

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